Volunteer in Kathmandu

Become a volunteer in KATHMANDU (3 to 5 months missions)

Our main activity is to help children and families in the slum areas of Kathmandu. Our volunteers accept to undertake a mission of at least 3months, but can be of up to 5 months. This is in order to build stable and lasting aid programs for the local children. Candidates must be young (but at least 20 years old), fit, motivated and ready to live in the local community (with similar living comforts).


Construction industry: Your misson will be to oversee and follow the construction of a dedicated building in Kathmandu. You will need to manage local teams, ensure that budgets and deadlines are respected, anticipate and solve any potential issues and ensure that the work is conform to expectations. You will also be required to advise and help local populations and schools improve their basic infrastructure both buildings and furniture. You will be expected to work in collaboration with local companies. The candidate needs to have a good sens of initaitive and responsability.

Additional teacher in IT and English: Your mission is to support the local teachers by bringing extra knowledge in computing (basic windows use, word processing…) and in English. Also, to help develop extracurricular activities such as managing and assist in reading in a library, run arts and craft workshops, set up educative games and manage sport playing (football, running, gymnasium).

Kindergarten teacher or health worker: Your mission will be to manage and run a nursery school enabling the mothers to go and work. Most of the children would be out of the nappy phase, and you will be assisted by local staff. You will also have a role in educating the parents in basic hygiene and in improving their diet. You will also be expected to administer first aid, and be able to make decisions in the case of medical emergencies (analyze the problem, give medicines, dispatch to local hospitals…). An additional role will be to help run the monthly health camps organized by MAYAA NEPAL, either as a fully qualified health worker, or in assisting the local volunteer doctors.

Communication, social media and images: your task will be to develop and promote public awareness of MAYAA NEPAL, as well as participate in the actions of the association towards the children. A good awareness of social media and communication tools is essential. You will be expected to publish newsletters from Nepal in both English and French, improve our overall communication tools as well as create news reports. An understanding and working knowledge of video reporting would be a plus.

What we want from you
Your schedule: You will be expected to work 5 days a week during the whole of your mission.

We will provide: 

  • Housing and an evening meal (US$150 / month) in a Nepalese family
  • A scooter, with petrol, insurance and its maintenance (a motorcycle licence is not needed).
  • A telephone with a local SIM card.

We cannot provide:

  • The air fare to get to Nepal
  • Visa costs for the 3-5 months (around US$250)
  • Personal expenses on site

We will provide support and assistance if a crowd funding initiative is launched by the candidate to cover these additional costs.

If you are interested, send an email to [email protected]


the following info is required
  • Additional teacher in IT and English
  • Kindergarten teacher or health worker
  • Communication, social media and images
  • Construction industry